The shared economy is shifting the way we think about life. We prioritise access versus ownership, and now live in a world in which we share music, news, cars, apartments, bicycles and energy.

This shift is also occurring in the way we consume fashion. The 2nd hand market is growing 24x faster than traditional retail. In the US alone, it represents $20 billion and will grow to $53 billion in less than four years.

Amidst this industry reinvention, first-hand brands/retailers are still missing from the equation, disconnected from a whole new generation of consumers, their shifting consumption values, and the growing market they represent.

How can brands embrace it without damaging their image, their value proposition, without risking losing their consumer base or cannibalizing their core business?

Reflaunt’s mission is to empower brands/retailers to implement a scalable and efficient circular consumption model within their existing activities, growing revenue, driving new customer acquisition and increasing retention. With Reflaunt’s technology, brands/retailers can now embrace their new consumers’ behaviour, offering them the chance to resell and repurchase within a closed environment or in an ecosystem, partnering up with second-hand marketplaces.

Reflaunt is building a circular ecosystem and re-inventing the way we shop, rewarding brands for crafting quality products built to last. Join the circular fashion revolution and bring fashion full circle.


Stephanie Crespin

CEO, Co-founder

Philippe Benedetti

CTO, Co-founder

Felix Winckler

CCO, Co-founder

Jack Ostrowski

Board Director

Cash van Halder

Legal Counsel

Valentina Ingelis

MD Italy

Jess Tan

Graphic Designer

Hans T

Software Architect

Hieu Pv.

Project Manager

Son Hai C.

Frontend Engineer

Trung B.

Backend Engineer


Yellow Octopus

Sustainable Solutions

Cedric Charbit

CEO Balenciaga

Giovanna Battaglia

Vogue Fashion Editor

Max Bittner

CEO Vestiaire Collective

Dominique Hazan

Fashion Brand Owner