Branded recommerce platform

Reach and acquire a new generation of second-hand shoppers

We build and power a fully modular website to allow brands and retailers to join the recommerce landscape and engage with a new audience.

How it works

Reflaunt - We launch a branded resale platform


We launch a branded resale platform

We help you identify the set of features that best suit your resale ambitions, let you adjust the designs to your desired look-and-feel, then we develop and launch the platform in record time.

Reflaunt - Second-hand shoppers engage with your brand


Second-hand shoppers engage with your brand

We leverage your marketing strengths and our resale expertise to reach and engage new audiences of customers to whom we offer an experience that reflects your brand’s online shopping experience.

Reflaunt - We diversify the product assortment


We diversify the product assortment

We build inventory on the platform by showcasing the products sourced from your resale service, as well as your brand’s archive or unsold pieces, and a curated selection of inventory from Reflaunt partners.

Launch rapidly with no internal tech requirement

Standalone microsite developed by Reflaunt
Full integration in your ecommerce journey

Evolve into a fully integrated service to maximize potential

Direct from your customer’s past purchases

Engage your existing customers with recommerce by enabling them to resell their past purchases directly to your recommerce platform

Your inventory archive

Give your customers unprecedented access to your unsold inventory in a different channel through your recommerce platform.

Reflaunt partner’s inventory

We can leverage the vast assortment from other partners of Reflaunt to populate your platform with the highest quality inventory


Premium willing to pay when buying pre loved directly from brands


Of recommerce customers are new to the brand


Of customers shop resale to find unique, no longer available products

The whole point is that we want to make anything that pertains to the afterlife of our product so seamless and fluid that the consumer won’t necessarily notice if he or she is buying a new product, [a second-hand product] or renting a product

nicolaj reffstrup, Founder, Ganni

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