Spread a lifestyle of Positive Consumption, one piece at a time

How It Works

Shop with one of our retailers who promotes
circular fashion and sells quality products built to
last a lifetime.

When you decide you no longer want to use a
piece, just go back to the brand’s website and
resell it on your customer account.

Evaluate the condition of the piece and
confirm when you’re happy with the resale

The item is listed on several marketplaces
simultaneously and once sold, you receive
a shipping label for the pick-up of your

The item is checked by the
marketplace and sent to the end buyer.

You receive your payout in cash or
a higher value in shopping credits.

Why Go Full CircleWith Reflaunt


Drive Positive

Fashion is one of the biggest polluting industries in the world but instead of stigmatising consumerism, we give consumers another option - bring fashion full circle and make sure garments never go to waste.


Sustainable Fashion

Extending the life of clothes by just nine extra months of active use reduces carbon, water and waste footprints by 20-30% each. If you buy quality fashion pieces and resell them when their time with you is up, we can make big changes for the future of fashion, together.


Access >

We live in a world where we share music, cars, apartments, and even energy. There is no reason we can’t do this with fashion too. We make luxury fashion more inclusive with access to sought-after brands and coveted pieces worthy of a waitlist.


Value Purchases

When you shop, you start a journey of bringing your product more character and personality with every use. With Reflaunt, you can easily resell the piece to someone who appreciates that same unique mileage. You then get paid for what you use, and get cash/credit for what you don’t.


Q :

Why should I resell via reflaunt?

A :

When you Reflaunt, you leverage on a trusted platform that acts as a middleman between the brand you shop at, and the best partner marketplaces in our network. On one hand, your item gains legitimacy as they can be digitally traced to your purchase history. On the other, your item gains access to a world of ready shoppers.

Furthermore, the more times you reflaunt, the more value your items acquire on the market.

Q :

How do I know if I can resell on a brand’s website?

A :

Watch out for the Reflaunt button on the account management page of your favourite brand’s website. All you have to do is click and begin your journey towards positive consumption. If you don’t see the Reflaunt button, don't count them out just yet.

The Reflaunt community is constantly growing with bold, future-looking brands.

Q :

What is the environmental impact of reselling?

A :

Responsible shopping means looking beyond face value of an item, and channeling a product beyond one-time, one-user utility. Reselling means that a product’s mileage increases beyond its average lifespan, and the materials that go into making that product are saved as well.

As lifespans of products increase, the pressure on the planet to produce raw materials decreases.

Keeping clothing in use just nine extra months can reduce the related carbon, water and waste footprints by 20-30% (WRAP, 2012).

Q :

Can I resell from anywhere if the brand is part of Reflaunt's network?

A :

We envision a future where the Reflaunt network reaches everywhere across the world.

Currently, Reflaunt is operating in Europe, US, and Asia.

Q :

How does the pricing of the items I put on sale work?

A :

Reflaunt’s platform ensures a fair exchange between secondhand shoppers on marketplaces and firsthand owners of products.

Powered by proprietary technology, our platform helps you to find an optimal price for the item you wish to put on sale. Combining factors such as prevailing market prices and the assessment of your item’s condition, we are then able to give you a recommended resell price.

Q :

Am I responsible of shipping or any operations?

A :

You will receive a shipping label once your sale is confirmed, to organise the pick-up and drop-off of your sold-piece. Once your item has been picked up by our couriers, it will be shipped directly to the end-buyer/marketplace.

As soon as your sale is confirmed and your item has safely reached the end-buyer/marketplace, you will automatically receive your payout to your linked bank account, or we will credit your brand account with shopping credits, depending on the conditions of sale.