Lead the Positive Consumption movement with us

How It Works

Our proprietary plugin seamlessly fits into your
website or leads directly to your branded
microsite, allowing you to create an intuitive resell experience within your offline and/or online

Your brand remains front and center by
customising the customer flow and
layouts to your brand’s DNA.

Collect data and insights on your
customers’ shopping habits.

Hassle-free process since all operations - from resale of secondhand pieces, excess inventory to logistics of delivery and sales proceeds - are taken care of by Reflaunt and its network of marketplaces

Why Go Full Circle With Reflaunt


Consumer Mindsets

One out of two millennials has shopped secondhand. Appeal to an ever-growing market of conscious consumers with changing cultural values, while keeping your VIPs engaged with your brand. The result: more shoppers, less waste.


Our Scalable
Global Infrastructure

With our network of partners spanning across Asia, Europe, Middle East and United States, your brand's product listings are seen worldwide – resulting in faster resale, stronger brand engagement, and a high incentive for repeat customers.


Total Brand

Your core business and brand image is central to the brand-customer experience; you control product presentations, with the power to pick from our network of secondhand partners – all while claiming your cut of the resale market.


Trackable Post-
Purchase Activity

Our unique technology platform and data capabilities use blockchain backed digital IDs that enable you to trace products from retail to resale so you can control where your products are seen, connect with old and new customers, and tackle counterfeiting.


Luxury Fashion
= Longevity

By rewarding customers who Reflaunt, your brand encourages customers to shop quality pieces sustainably, while standing behind your product’s lifelong value.


Q :

Can I customise my customer’s resale experience?

A :

Yes, every brand has full control over their resale process from in-store to online resell efforts, ensuring that you stay front and center throughout the whole experience. We work closely with brands to customise messaging and resale processes that best fit their needs.

Q :

What are my operational responsibilities, e.g. shipping or storing?

A :

To ensure a seamless experience and minimise business disruption, our proprietary technology connects your customers to the information they require in your product database, making the whole process fuss-free. The whole reselling operation will be handled by our first-class partners.

We rely on international couriers like DHL for shipping and world-class fulfilment companies like XPO to bring a delightful experience of second-hand shopping to brands and retailers, marketplaces and customers.

Q :

Will you assist in creating a dedicated second-hand section on my own website?

A :

Yes, absolutely. Before pushing the secondhand items on our partnered marketplaces, you may choose to put these items on sale on your own e-commerce platform.

We are happy to integrate a section dedicated to secondhand pieces on your website, and implement peer-to-peer re-commerce features. Contact us here for more details.

Q :

Most of my business is done offline, can you still help?

A :

Reflaunt’s service depends on the availability of an item in a brand/retailer’s database, and the ability to match that item to the product being resold through the customer’s account.

However, we are also able to assist businesses who conduct most of their operations offline, via a “white glove service”, which would allow customers to digitalise their item and put it on sale.

Q :

I'm interested in re-commerce but I don't know where to start. Can you help me to hit the ground running?

A :

Withover 10 years of experience in the fashion space, our clear mission is to help brands and retailers transition to a more sustainable circular model.

Our work together will start with an understanding of your current business and brand to best advise you on the way to integrate secondhand.

Get in touch with our team to help us plot your growth.

Q :

Can we choose on which Marketplaces we sell?

A :

With over 20 marketplaces in our network, each with a different approach to the reselling market, catering to different audiences, we are able to provide a bird’s eye view to the entire industry for you.

Our tool gives you the control over where your products are put back on sale. You are also put in control over creating sub-networks of marketplaces, depending on product pricing, brand, or the reseller’s location.