Secondhand Marketplaces

Grow a community that stands for sustainable luxury with you

How It Works

We integrate through an API that seamlessly
synchronises large inventory across the
Reflaunt network.

We help manage communication between
sellers and buyers, handling pricing and
logistics decisions for you.

We don’t bombard you with pieces you don’t
like, only bringing you items that fit your criteria
with the highest level of authenticity, as certified
by luxury brands.

Why Go Full Circle With Reflaunt


A Network of
Game Changers

When you collaborate with us, you join a passionate network of global secondhand marketplaces endorsed by brands and retailers, coming together to work towards the future of fashion sustainability.


One Partnership,
Countless Luxury Pieces

We provide direct access to customers of luxury brands and their countless supply of sought-after fashion pieces.



$450B is traded globally in fake fashion. To tackle counterfeiting, our unique technology platform and data capabilities use blockchain backed digital IDs that trace products from retail to resale.



We handle all the logistical operations for you, from listing products, photos and description, to the rest of the resell process.


Q :

How can Reflaunt help me?

A :

In a crowded space of secondhand goods exchanging hands, we step in to level the playing field and bring legitimacy to every transaction, as a second-hand luxury item distributor.

We work directly with brands to access a wide range of high-end fashion pieces from apparel to accessories, opening doors to unique items across the globe. All items are pre-vetted and can be traced back to its origins through our platform with their full profile and product pictures, which saves you the added effort of digitalisation when the information is shared directly from the brand.

Q :

How do I know if the pieces delivered to me are authentic?

A :

Our unique technology platform and data capabilities use blockchain backed digital IDs that trace products from retail to resale. We are transparent with our partners and share proof of authenticity for each piece.

Q :

How can I work with Reflaunt and become part of its network?

A :

We are always excited to work with marketplaces selling secondhand luxury fashion pieces.

Our network is constantly growing everyday, and we are happy to hear from you to see how we can collaborate.

Q :

How much will it cost me?

A :

For every transaction made, we only charge a minimum service fee to keep our platform growing for your business.

Q :

What kind of products will you be able to supply?

A :

We supply a wide range of high-end fashion pieces from all categories: clothing, shoes, bags, jewellery and accessories.

Q :

What additional responsibilities do I need to undertake as part of your network?

A :

Apart from accepting our service fee, your usual terms and conditions will apply to every sale. Any existing shipping policy and return/exchange policy will continue to apply to all sales made on your marketplace.